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IDM has been closely monitoring and following the updates regarding the Coronavirus. As many states across the U.S. have begun to reopen in phases we are still moving cautiously to ensure the protection and safety of our staff and participants.
Some tournament directors across the states have begun scheduling tournament events. Please understand that each state is operating differently and here in Illinois, more specifically Chicago, none to very few gyms have reopened. We cannot consider returning to the court until we receive notice from our local gyms that we are able to access them for practice time.

During a “normal” AAU season, June would be the month that we would go on break for high school camps. That being said, we will continue to monitor the landscape to see if there’s a possibility to participate in tournaments in July.  

I will post another update on Monday, June 22, 2020 by 12:00 p.mThank you for your understanding and please continue to stay safe.

Victor Junious 
Executive Director 
Imago Dei Ministries, Inc.

Please read the following document prior to tryouts to get information about the program and expectations as we enter our 11th season of spring/summer competition.

Our Purpose 

In 2009, in an effort to promote physical exercise, healthy dieting, and to fight against childhood/youth obesity IDM started a physical training and basketball program.  The IDM Panthers use the sport of basketball to promote positive pro-social ties, provide physical exercise and strength training, an opportunity to play basketball on a competitive level, and more importantly, increase our participant’s level of self-worth. Through on-court sessions we focus on discipline and teaching our participants how to become productive members of society outside of the gym.

Panther's Program Director
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Chicago, IL 60643
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