Imago Dei Ministries - "One Family, One Vision, One Accord"

Our Purpose 

In 2009, in an effort to promote physical exercise, healthy dieting, and to fight against childhood/youth obesity IDM started a physical training and basketball program.  The IDM Panthers use the sport of basketball to promote positive pro-social ties, provide physical exercise and strength training, an opportunity to play basketball on a competitive level, and more importantly, increase our participant’s level of self-worth. Through on-court sessions we focus on discipline and teaching our participants how to become productive members of society outside of the gym.

2019 Tryout Registration

Step 1: Read the Program Announcement document

Step 2: Complete the Tryout Registration Form

Step 3: Submit $25 tryout fee online or mail payment to:
            IDM Panthers, P.O. Box 439328, Chicago, IL 60643
NOTE: The Tryout fee MUST be received prior to tryouts. A $35 tryout fee will be imposed for players who do not complete the process prior to tryouts.     

Tryout Registration Form
Phone Number
Grade In School
Position(s) You Play (Check all that apply)
Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward
Power Forward
Jersey Size
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult XL
Adult XXL
Did you attend 1 of the 3 information meetings?

Panther's Program Director
P.O. Box 439328 
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: 800-362-7925
Fax: 877-459-7066
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