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Our Brand

Our sports brand was developed in the spring 2022 as our organization began to expand to cover more territory in the Chicagoland Area. IDM entered the sport’s community in 2009 by introducing the IDM Panthers Boys AAU Basketball Team. After 13 successful years of player development and competition our organization grew to include Team Major Eagles Boys AAU Basketball and Cheer in 2022. In 2023 IDM has expanded even more and now offers an AAU team for girls, Harmony Hornets.

No matter the team, our brand is top notch. We are dedicated to providing all of our athletes a memorable experience as we condition and develop them for life on and off the court. 

Please click on the links below to review our top 10 core principles:  

                                                        -Leadership                 -Communication

                                                       -Organization              -Discipline

                                                       -Involvement                -Person Development

                                                       -Basketball IQ              -Ability to Teach  

                                                       -Defensive Philosophy   -Offensive Philosophy 

Panthers Basketball

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Team Major Eagles Basketball

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Team Major Eagles Cheer

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Harmony Hornets Basketball

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